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ISBN: 9788897715085

Quella mano parlante. Teodorico in Sant’Apollinare Nuovo


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ISBN: 9788897715085
SKU: 9788897715085
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 72

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The present essay is essentially an analisys of the religious meaning attributed to the paintings of St. Apollinare Nuovo. In fact, in Teodorico’s favourite Church in Ravenna, we find two iconographic surprises, difficult, indeed, to be understood. The first is the face of Christ on throne, which appears to be almost identical to the one of the Monastery of St. Catherine, situated in Mount Sinai. “The famous gesture – Chiara Frugoni asserts – of Christ’s liftedthree fingers, is used not only to bless, but it means also to talk. If connected with other personalities or different places, it can mean to legislate, to be in power…”. The second surprise is the image of the Virgin Mary on throne with the gesture of the “Speaking Hand”, which is the first one in the world. But the question that arises is: “Who is the Virgin Mary speaking to?” And why it was necessary to wait for five centuries of Christian eras before Her, Christ’s Mother,was enabled to use the gesture of the “Speaking Hand”?