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ISBN: 9788898197064

Ricerche nell’area dei templi di Fortuna e Mater Matuta (Roma)


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ISBN: 9788898197064
SKU: 9788898197064
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: 236

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The volume contains a number of studies on the site of S. Omobono in the Forum Boarium in Rome. Characterized by the twin temples of Fortuna and Mater Matuta, this sanctuary area has been investigated archaeologically many times since the 1930s and is currently being studied by a joint project of the Universit. della Calabria and the University of Michigan. The contributions in this volume focus on the reanalysis and reinterpretation of data and artifacts collected during the excavations carried out in the 20th century. Arranged in chronological order, they include: 1) a study of the traces of Late Bronze and Early Iron Age occupation in the riverine area; 2) a study of the specific provenance spots of the fragments of architectural terracottas from the archaic temple; 3) a reinterpretation of some terracotta frieze plaques from the archaic temple decoration; 4) a reconsideration of the position and fastening of the acroteria on the roof of the archaic temple; 5) a reanalysis of some iconographic themes in the terracotta decoration of the archaic temple; 6) a detailed study of impasto pottery from two trenches excavated in the 1960s; 7) a study of fragments of architectural terracottas from a trench excavated in the 1960s; 8) a reanalysis of the stratigraphic and artefactual records from a trench excavated in the 1970s; 9) an architectural analysis of the Mid-Republican sequence of floors, and of the altars created on them, in front of the twin temples; 10) a new study of the mason’s marks incised on the blocks of the stylobates of the twin temples; 11) the study of a compitum shrine that was adjacent to the temple podium; 12) a reassessment of the post-Classical phases at the site, with particular emphasis on the church of S. Salvatore in Portico.