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ISBN: 9788898197095

Ricerche nell’area dei templi di Fortuna e Mater Matuta (Roma)


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ISBN: 9788898197095
SKU: 9788898197095
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 272

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The volume collects a number of contributions that expand the studies on the archaeological area of S. Omobono and is the continuation of the publication “Ricerche nell’area dei templi di Fortuna e Mater Matuta (Roma)”, published in the same series. Attention has focused more on the presentation of new data obtained from the recent excavations, but there are also some studies reviewing old research and also discus¬sing general topics, including: 1) a summary of the results obtained so far by the new research project; 2) the methods used to reach the levels below the water table of the Tiber and for the execution of the cores inside the area; 3) the presentation of the stratigraphy and of the findings associated with the excavation inside the cella of the Western temple; 4) a study examining for the first time the imperial stone materials and the architectural structures of the area; 5) the first of three contributions related to the architectural decoration of the area, with particular attention to those of Republican age; 6) the presentation of other Republican-era architectural terracottas; 7) a study that reconstructs the provenance of the context of some late Archaic architectural terracottas; 8) a study that concerns the revision of the stratigraphy and of the finds related to the church of S. Omobono; 9) the preliminary analysis of a medieval context of the area, including a study of the stratigraphy and of the ceramic materials; 10) finally a zooarcheological study with particular attention on some contexts found in the area during old and new excavations.